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Webinar: Data Security and Compliance for Spreadsheets

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You already know that over 80% of companies uses Excel as the primary tool for S&OP. The problem is how to enable collaboration across all your functional teams and trading partners without getting caught in Excel chaos. This is where Boardwalktech fits.

Introducing Boardwalk, an enterprise-quality, web-based application platform which can directly scale what you do in Excel today. No more email. No more check-in/out. No more chasing updates from everyone.

Boardwalk enhances collaboration by:
  • Enabling multi-user collaboration and automatic consolidation which means your process can be run weekly/on-demand rather than monthly
  • Insuring better data quality because all changes are captured with a complete audit trail
  • Always having the latest data from backend systems due to a Gartner recognized integration capability
  • Deploying a system for much less than competitive approaches while keeping your users happy in Excel
Join us for this 30 min webinar to learn how you can enhance spreadsheet collaboration across all of your S&OP processes with Boardwalk's patented technology.

Boardwalktech, Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved.

Boardwalktech is the only company with a patented technology which manages spreadsheet data at the cell level. Unlike file sharing and email which only work at the file level, only Boardwalktech lets you control who can access your spreadsheet data, what they can change, and tracks all the changes from inside Excel on the desktop. Join us for this informative webinar where you’ll find out how you can put in place effective security and compliance for your spreadsheet data.

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Boardwalktech, Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved.