Webinar Tomorrow– Collaborative Excel for Enterprise Planning

Tuesday, July 30th @ 11AM PST / 2PM EST

Did you know that 80% of organizations rely on Excel for the majority of their planning functions? This means planning cycles take too long, no one has confidence in the data, nothing’s integrated, and there is no history/audit trail of how you arrived at the numbers. What if you could continue to run your existing Excel planning models with no change but make them better – much better. It’s time to try a new approach for automating enterprise planning processes run in Excel.
Boardwalktech is the #1 Digital Ledger Cloud Platform for planning applications that run in Excel. We digitally transform manual Excel planning processes quickly and easily making the work you do today in Excel so much better by:
  • Enabling collaboration across all participants at the cell level
  • Improving visibility and time to decisions
  • Integrating and aligning data with enterprise systems
  • Securing your data with an auditable, compliant, and trusted immutable blockchain
Please join us for this informative webinar to see how Boardwalktech can digitally transform your manual Excel planning processes.

The promise of a 100% digital supply chain solution is finally here.

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  • Trust

    Trust that everyone is working off the same data.

  • Alignment

    Align data, processes, people internally and with your 3rd party suppliers.
  • Predict

    Leverage Machine Learning and AI to discover trends and patterns leading to revenue loss before it happens.

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