Take Your Supply Chain from Reactive to Predictive in 3 Easy

30 Minute Webinar April 10th @ 11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST

You'll be glad you know our name.

Boardwalktech's Central digital ledger

Gartner has defined a new digital ledger category – Central Ledger Technology (CLT) – which is a new type of time-based database that provides immutable transactions and a change log in response to more complicated offerings in the private permissioned blockchain space. Boardwalktech has patented the digital ledger component of the blockchain stack enabling more trusted data exchanges, faster and more aligned collaborative process cycles, and machine learning to move your supply chain from reactive to predictive. This is not the future – this is now. The result: A 100% digital supply chain and process cost and efficiencies generating a 5X ROI.

Boardwalktech’s patented technology takes CLT to another level meaning you can eliminate the bottlenecks caused by high touch manual processes run using Excel, email, and phone calls by unifying this lost enterprise data in a digital ledger, regaining trust in your data, and adding collaboration and machine learning. The impact on your business can be significant: CLT has been applied to reduce inventories by over 5%, cut cycle times by 75%, and improve margins by more than 15%.